12 Easy Steps to Get Free Stuff Via Microsoft’s Rewards Program

Who doesn’t like cool stuff and that is also for free? Yes, I’m no one to kidding! Microsoft Rewards is all about earning points through performing simple tasks. These simple tasks include browsing with Microsoft Edge, searching the web using Microsoft’s Bing search engine etc. After completing a desired number of tasks, you can score gift cards for popular retail stores get discounts on various specific products, apparel, and other items and get a chance to enter into sweepstakes for more lucrative items. For all these, you have to follow 12 easy steps that will Get you Free Stuff Via Microsoft’s Rewards Program.

bing quiz

Free Stuff Via Microsoft’s Rewards Program for Free Movies, Apps, Games, and More!

You can get free stuff from this reward program, but for that, you have to follow some steps as I have given below-

Create a Microsoft Account

First thing’s first, you need a Microsoft account to participate in the reward program. If you already have not created one, it is the high time for you to create a Microsoft account. After creating the account, browse to the Microsoft reward site and click on the button provided at the bottom of the page to join for free. Microsoft rewards you for using Edge, so you can also install the browser on your device.

Get Started with the Reward Program

In the first stage, Microsoft welcomes the new participates with little quizzes and Q&A. If you do well in this stage, you are assured to get 100 points. However, this is not the last stage of this reward program.

Use Bing for Free Points

bing rewards

Microsoft also allows you to earn point by searching through Bing and using the web browser called Microsoft Edge!

Pick A Reward!

Microsoft then lets you know what kind of free stuff you can get by collecting and redeeming those free points. They ask you what kind of things you would like to spend your points on and then it requests you to set a goal.


Once you finish answering all those questions and quizzes, you can check out your reward’s dashboard.

Reward Page

The reward page will appear in front of your nose, showing the points you have earned by completing all those quizzes. You can also check out what other types of tasks and activities you can perform to earn more points.

Set a Goal for Microsoft’s Rewards Program

The setup menu contains the option of three possible goals which you can also change from the  “Your Goal” section. You can change the goal by clicking on the Remove goal option and set a new goal by clicking on the “Set Goal” option.

Pick a New Goal

You can also set a goal like playing an Xbox game and similar things.


Microsoft would then take you to the main rewards page to show you the additional points you have earned by setting up new goals. Then you can also investigate the page to find more tasks to perform for more points.

Turbocharge Quiz is also a Part of the Reward Program

Click Turbocharge Quiz to take a quiz where you can find answers from Bing search engine.


bing quiz

Earning more and more points will only bring you the opportunity to get cool stuff for free!

Did you know, you can get almost all items available in the Microsoft store by earning points? Sounds cool, isn’t it? So don’t waste any time and Get Free Stuff Via Microsoft’s Rewards Program now!


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