Bing Fitness Quiz- How Well Do You Know About Yourself?

Taking Bing Fitness Quizzes and assessments is a fun way to experiment with your knowledge about nutrition, health, yoga, etc. Moreover, it helps you in discovering more about yourself. Microsoft has been conducting a daily quiz and weekly quiz on the Bing homepage to engage the visitors and users. There are many categories of quizzes that people play and Bing Fitness Quiz is one of them. It is basically made to attract users and test their IQs on certain topics. You can participate in the quiz program to see how much you understand about fitness.

Bing Fitness Quiz

About Bing Quiz

When you visit, at the bottom of the home screen, you will notice a graduation hat icon. When you hover your mouse over it, you will see a set of 3 questions. Choose your best answer and at the end of the completion, you will find out whether or not you have given the correct answer. You will get a score that you can share on social media or you can also keep going with the previous quizzes.

Microsoft said that ever since the quiz feature has been added on the Bing homepage, the users have been increased by 65%. Microsoft also confirmed that they will continue to update the feature to inspire the audience learning about new things every day.

You can join the Bing weekly quiz from the Popular Now carousel at the bottom of the home page screen. The weekly quiz contains a set of 7 questions in different types of categories. Every Friday users from the US will find the question sets on the homepage and the questions will contain news from different parts of the world. Microsoft also has started polls about current events and latest trends. So it is the best way to test how well updated you are about the latest news and trending topics.

Bing Fitness Quiz

Bing Fitness Quiz contains a set of 10 questions about fitness. It may contain yoga, health, foods, drinks, nutrition, and lifestyle. You can answer the questions to test how well you maintain your diet, fitness, and lifestyle. By taking the quizzes, you will discover more about yourself.

These kinds of quiz games are encouraging for quiz lovers. They come to visit for playing quizzes and earning rewards at the same time. Microsoft reward program (also known as Bing reward program) has increased the users of the Bing search engine. Microsoft gives you points for searching on Bing and completing tasks, you can later convert those points in real money and buy stuff from the Microsoft store for free.

Bing Fitness Quiz

If you are a US resident but have not joined the reward program yet, do it now. Also, if you love to play quiz or trivia, you should check out the Bing homepage and play one of the most fascinating games Bing Fitness Quiz. Let us know in the comment box below if you need any further information about Bing quiz or Bing Fitness Quiz.

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