Bing Holiday Quiz 2019

Many of us like to play quizzes to test our knowledge in a particular section. Playing quizzes helps us learning things in various kinds of field and also keeps us engaged in the game. And when you earn money by completing simple trivia games, the quizzes become even interesting. Bing users reside in the US, get 7 questions every Friday. And with answering these questions, you can check out how much you keep updated with the latest news. Bing Holiday Quiz is fun and more engaging. You can answer some simple holiday quizzes and learn a lot about your personality.

Bing Holiday Quiz

How to Play Bing Holiday Quiz?

Holidays have a special space in our hearts. We all wait for holidays to show up so that we can get to spend quality time with our families and friends. There are a variety of holidays for various cultures around the globe. Whether it is New Years, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, we all have different reasons for liking holidays. But these Bing holiday quizzes will judge your personality traits based on the answers you give.

Bing quiz not only for fun but also for earning some money while you enjoy playing the games. Microsoft has designed this reward program for the users so that they can use the Bing search engine more actively. It started off as giving away rewards for searching on Bing, and later it has launched some other features such as playing trivia, completing tasks, playing polls, etc. Participating in the program and playing games, completing tasks will earn you points, and later you can turn those Bing points into cash.

Bing Quizzes Benefits

By joining the holiday quizzes program, you can learn and earn. So, open your browser and type in the search bar. If you are from the US or staying in a country that supports the Microsoft rewards program, you can participate in the reward program. If you find your search engine is in any language other than English, modify it first. And then open the carousel, tap on its icon from the bottom of the screen. You can also find the Bing logo which is tagged on Bing weekly quiz, just click on it to join the weekly quiz.

Bing Holiday Quiz

Bing weekly quizzes are much more interesting that Holiday quizzes, as you can know about the current affairs that happened throughout the week. News junkies who watch the news regularly will enjoy this game and win. But the one who don’t, will, to win the game. So don’t waste your time and go sign up to the Bing rewards program and let’s see how updated you are. Also, the Bing Holiday Quiz is an interesting way to keep yourself engaged in the game, so play the Bing Holiday Quiz first and then try out Bing weekly quiz to earn more points. Tip: more points + more fun= more money.

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