How Well Do You Know NFL?- Play Bing NFL Quiz

Quizzes offered by Bing are one of the trending topics in the United States. Bing has launched the new features in Bing Homepage and that has brought many visitor’s attention. Every one of us knows that Bing is one of the most popular search engines in the world- it comes in the second position after Google. Sometimes there are some decent results that you can find only on Bing. Bing always provide some latest news coverage including entertainment, business, politics, weather, sport, culture, education, social and so on. Bing provides news based on the world, national, and local. Hence, to be kept updated with the current affairs, this feature comes in handy.

Bing NFL Quiz

Bing Quizz About American Football

There are also some quizzes that are extraordinary. This is called Bing NFL Quiz. NFL quizzes provide questions about American football. Touchdown in American football indicates that action of earning points by carrying the ball across to the opponents’ goal line. Moreover, you can say that this means that the team will score a touchdown for advancing the ball into the opponent’s end zone. This also includes returning a kickoff, running with the ball and passing.

In social media, there are users who share their scores of NFL logo quiz. The quizzes are designed to check how familiar you are with your favorite NFL teams. To test your knowledge about American football, you can join these NFL logo quizzes and share your results with #bingtouchdown on social media, Twitter. Just like other quizzes, this Bing NFL also provide you four options to choose your answer from.

In the NFL logo quizzes, you will be provided with a logo and you will have to choose the name of the team from the four options given below. If you guess all the teams right and answers the questions correctly, you will score high. And scoring high on NFL logo quizzes means, a chance to win Surface Pro 4.

Bing NFL Quiz

If you want to try out this Bing NFL Quiz contest, you can sign up to the Bing rewards program and play the Bing weekly sports trivia quiz. Apart from football, this quiz program also focusses on soccer, tennis, and baseball. You will get a total number of 10 questions with four options for each question. You will always have to read the questions carefully before choosing an answer. Apart from the logo quiz, you can also play the question-answer game which contains questions related to American football.

Bing NFL Quizzes Tips

To answer correctly on the sports trivia quiz, you will need to be updated of the latest news. Here are a few tips for winning the game-

  1. Do not ponder over one answer for too long- if you think that you have entered a wrong answer, you can go back and choose the right one.
  2. This game is based on tasting your knowledge about football only- don’t treat the result too seriously for good.

So you can play the quiz now and score high to get a chance of winning Pro4. Moreover, you can also share this with your friends to enjoy and take the competition.

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