Bing Oscars Quiz

With just two months to go until the Oscars, Bing had launched the academic awards experienced. Bing said that the most searched topics on Bing include the list of Oscar nominees, red carpet fashion, latest trending events, winners and more. And the academy awards keyword search delivers the Bing Academic Awards guide. This contains tabs that link to search for Past Highlights, Red Carpet Rewind, and also the Best Picture Winners. These three tabs take you to the result pages that features a carousel with all the related contents.

Bing Oscars Quiz

And here the Oscars Quiz tab contains up to 10 questions at the top of the search page or you can also call it Bing Oscars Quiz. This quiz game offers you a chance to test your knowledge about Oscar.

Oscar Quizzes

Bing has also said that they are planning to keep up the academic guide updated from the lead and throughout the night of the Oscars handed out to the nominees. Once all the golden trophies have been awarded, Bing will post the full list of the Oscar winners and also the memorable moments of the night.

Moreover, Bing has also said that Windows 10 users can ask the digital assistance, Cortana questions related to Oscars or best Oscar facts. So you press the Start button from your Windows 10 computer, and type “who will win the best picture Oscar award?”.

What to Expect from Bing Academic Award?

Here are a few points of what to expect from Bing’s Academic Award Guide-

Nominees & Predictions

You can go to the guide to see the list of nominees and predictions for all the 24 Oscar categories. Also, when you are searching for categories, you can check out the movie and many more.

Previous Red Carpet Fashion

See what your favorite celebrities have worn at the red carpet fashion in previous years.

Bing Oscars Quiz

If you are an Academic award fond, you can take the quiz and test how much historical information you have about Oscar.

You can go to this Friday, and check out the Oscar quizzes to test your knowledge. If you answer the questions correctly, you will stand a chance to win actual canteen that was used by the Oscar-nominated movie The Revenant actor who has played the role of Hawk, named Forrest Goodluck.

Roll-Out the Red Carpet

The academy award guide includes the updates of red carpet throughout the night. Bing discusses the highlight of the nights, so check regularly to know what’s new. Bing will update each category to show the winner information as soon as the show ends and the list of winners is released.

Bing Oscars Quiz

From leading up of the show to during and after the show, Bing will update every news about Academy Award so that you can always know what’s going on. You can play Bing Oscars Quiz from to check out how much you know about Oscar and the previous winners along with the nominees. Visit every Friday to play Bing weekly quiz.


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