Bing Premier League Quiz- Bing weekly Soccer Quiz

Are you smart enough in answering the Bing Premier League Quiz questions? Bing Premier League quiz plays a part in the weekly quiz contest conduct by Bing.

If you are a sports enthusiast, known for holding remarkable knowledge about football leagues and has been following the matches closely for years, then the quiz shall be a cakewalk for you. Even if you are not a pro football follower, you can still win Microsoft Rewards points, as the quiz questions are that simple to answer, and comes with multiple-choice kind of answering options as well. After completing a quiz session, you will get 10 Microsoft Rewards that can be redeemed to obtain rewards like sweepstakes, charity, gift cards and much more. The most popular sweepstake prize for this month has been announced as Gaming PC.

Learn the possible ways to access the Bing Premiere League Quiz:

Anyone can participate with the Bing Soccer or Bing Premier League Quiz by accessing the official web portal of Bing using a mobile device, laptop or desktop that has a solid internet connection working on-board. If you are about to access the quiz through desktop devices, then we do recommend opening up the quiz in ‘Edge Browser’, a browser product of Microsoft. Visit and then search for the quiz by typing “bing soccer quiz” under the search box. The destined quiz page shall open within a few seconds, as they are designed in a simple, yet, an approachable manner by Microsoft itself.

Swiftly collecting the reward points:

Once you have completed the quiz and have attained reward points by becoming the winner of the quiz game, then the points shall be added to your Microsoft account. Be sure to log in to your Microsoft account, beforehand taking a quiz session. You will certainly earn ten points, irrespective of the score that you have achieved out of answering the questions in the quiz game.

A guide to wisely answer the quiz questions:

The following is a set of questions that can improvise your knowledge related to the unbeatable records and loses experienced by teams and footballers in the Premier League. Take a glance at it to answer the quiz questions swiftly.

How many numbers of teams are said to be playing under England’s Premier League?

The Premier League, as called by the English has a total of twenty different teams playing the league matches. All of the selected twenty teams shall be competing in the other top-level English Football Leagues as well. Even after football started becoming popular in the United States, people still prefer calling it ‘soccer’.

Mention the name of the team that has won the most number of Premier League titles?

The Red Devils have won thirteen Premier League Championships till now. If you are a soccer fan, then you must have already known the answer to this question. If you are trying to be a pro soccer fan, then gather such valid knowledge to wisely answer such type of questions.

  • Who is the first Premier League player to overturn a goal by VAR?

VAR (Video Assistant Referee) made its debut in this season of the Premier League. The VAR took center stage in the recent Manchester City’s 5 goal win at West Ham. The goal that was made by the Brazilian striker named Jesus for offside got ruled out. Before granting the champions with a penalty, multiple retakes were made to understand that West Ham team’s midfielder Declan Rice was found to be encroaching into the area.

  • The first goal that was made in the new Premier League season is said to be an own goal – name the person who scored it?

The captain representing the Norwich team made a shot that let the ball go straight into his net after seven minutes of the gameplay, in a recent match that happened against the European champions Liverpool. The season took off with a win for Liverpool after the own goal from the Norwich team captain motivated them a bit. Back in 2015, the first own goal was scored by Kyle Walker by playing on the wrong side of the pitch in a match against Manchester United. Kyle was representing the Tottenham team back then.

  • Name the team that sent off a player in the opening weekend?

Morgan Schneiderlin received two yellow cards and became the first-ever player to be sent off in this season that is said to be conducted at the Crystal Palace. On the other hand, it is the Toffees, known to be the first team in receiving a red card in the consecutive Premier League opening weekends that were conducted between the years of 2010 till 2012.

  • Name the manager who was on charge before Frank Lampard and lost for four goals or more in his debut Premier League match?

Lampard returned to Chelsea as the team manager recently. In his debut as a managerial in a match that happened in Blues dugout ended up as a nightmare for him with a four to zero goal scored byManchester United in a match that happened in the Old Trafford. It was Poyet, the previous manager representing Suderland Side lost up with four to zero goals back in October 2013 in his debut Premier League match against Swansea.

  • Name the Aston player who lost 19 consecutive games in the Football Premier League?

Aston Villa got defeated with three for one at Tottenham and recordedGrealish the player for losing 19 consecutive Premier League games. This is recorded as the longest loss for any player in the history of the Premier League competition. The record happened in three sequential seasons that dates back to 2014 till 2015.

  • Choose the player who scored a quick goal after coming off from the bench?

The Romanian striker created an immediate impact that contributedto Brighton’s impressive win as 3-0 in Watford. This record was considered as the quickest goal scored by a substitute in the entire Premier League until Sammy came into the scene. In the year 2014, Sammy Ameobi, representing Newcastle netted a goal within eight seconds of the gameplay in a match against Tottenham.

  • Select the former Manchester United former player, who was honored with a statue in the year 2017?

Ronaldo did play for six continuous seasons under Manchester United in the Premier League. During the year 2017, a bronze statue of the player got unveiled in a place named Madeira in Portugal, where Ronaldo was said to be born. This statue work became made the public go crazy about it, yet, the critics claimed that it looks nothing close to the footballer.

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