Bing Premier League Quiz- Bing weekly Soccer Quiz

Are you smart enough in answering the Bing Premier League Quiz questions? Bing Premier League quiz plays a part in the weekly quiz contest conduct by Bing.

If you are a sports enthusiast, known for holding remarkable knowledge about football leagues and has been following the matches closely for years, then the quiz shall be a cakewalk for you. Even if you are not a pro football follower, you can still win Microsoft Rewards points, as the quiz questions are that simple to answer, and comes with multiple-choice kind of answering options as well. After completing a quiz session, you will get 10 Microsoft Rewards that can be redeemed to obtain rewards like sweepstakes, charity, gift cards and much more. The most popular sweepstake prize for this month has been announced as Gaming PC.

Learn the possible ways to access the Bing Premiere League Quiz:

Anyone can participate with the Bing Soccer or Bing Premier League Quiz by accessing the official web portal of Bing using a mobile device, laptop or desktop that has a solid internet connection working on-board. If you are about to access the quiz through desktop devices, then we do recommend opening up the quiz in ‘Edge Browser’, a browser product of Microsoft. Visit and then search for the quiz by typing “bing soccer quiz” under the search box. The destined quiz page shall open within a few seconds, as they are designed in a simple, yet, an approachable manner by Microsoft itself.

Swiftly collecting the reward points:

Once you have completed the quiz and have attained reward points by becoming the winner of the quiz game, then the points shall be added to your Microsoft account. Be sure to log in to your Microsoft account, beforehand taking a quiz session. You will certainly earn ten points, irrespective of the score that you have achieved out of answering the questions in the quiz game.

A guide to wisely answer the quiz questions:

The following is a set of questions that can improvise your knowledge related to the unbeatable records and loses experienced by teams and footballers in the Premier League. Take a glance at it to answer the quiz questions swiftly.

How many numbers of teams are said to be playing under England’s Premier League?

The Premier League, as called by the English has a total of twenty different teams playing the league matches. All of the selected twenty teams shall be competing in the other top-level English Football Leagues as well. Even after football started becoming popular in the United States, people still prefer calling it ‘soccer’.

Mention the name of the team that has won the most number of Premier League titles?

The Red Devils have won thirteen Premier League Championships till now. If you are a soccer fan, then you must have already known the answer to this question. If you are trying to be a pro soccer fan, then gather such valid knowledge to wisely answer such type of questions.

  • Who is the first Premier League player to overturn a goal by VAR?

VAR (Video Assistant Referee) made its debut in this season of the Premier League. The VAR took center stage in the recent Manchester City’s 5 goal win at West Ham. The goal that was made by the Brazilian striker named Jesus for offside got ruled out. Before granting the champions with a penalty, multiple retakes were made to understand that West Ham team’s midfielder Declan Rice was found to be encroaching into the area.

  • The first goal that was made in the new Premier League season is said to be an own goal – name the person who scored it?

The captain representing the Norwich team made a shot that let the ball go straight into his net after seven minutes of the gameplay, in a recent match that happened against the European champions Liverpool. The season took off with a win for Liverpool after the own goal from the Norwich team captain motivated them a bit. Back in 2015, the first own goal was scored by Kyle Walker by playing on the wrong side of the pitch in a match against Manchester United. Kyle was representing the Tottenham team back then.

  • Name the team that sent off a player in the opening weekend?

Morgan Schneiderlin received two yellow cards and became the first-ever player to be sent off in this season that is said to be conducted at the Crystal Palace. On the other hand, it is the Toffees, known to be the first team in receiving a red card in the consecutive Premier League opening weekends that were conducted between the years of 2010 till 2012.

  • Name the manager who was on charge before Frank Lampard and lost for four goals or more in his debut Premier League match?

Lampard returned to Chelsea as the team manager recently. In his debut as a managerial in a match that happened in Blues dugout ended up as a nightmare for him with a four to zero goal scored byManchester United in a match that happened in the Old Trafford. It was Poyet, the previous manager representing Suderland Side lost up with four to zero goals back in October 2013 in his debut Premier League match against Swansea.

  • Name the Aston player who lost 19 consecutive games in the Football Premier League?

Aston Villa got defeated with three for one at Tottenham and recordedGrealish the player for losing 19 consecutive Premier League games. This is recorded as the longest loss for any player in the history of the Premier League competition. The record happened in three sequential seasons that dates back to 2014 till 2015.

  • Choose the player who scored a quick goal after coming off from the bench?

The Romanian striker created an immediate impact that contributedto Brighton’s impressive win as 3-0 in Watford. This record was considered as the quickest goal scored by a substitute in the entire Premier League until Sammy came into the scene. In the year 2014, Sammy Ameobi, representing Newcastle netted a goal within eight seconds of the gameplay in a match against Tottenham.

  • Select the former Manchester United former player, who was honored with a statue in the year 2017?

Ronaldo did play for six continuous seasons under Manchester United in the Premier League. During the year 2017, a bronze statue of the player got unveiled in a place named Madeira in Portugal, where Ronaldo was said to be born. This statue work became made the public go crazy about it, yet, the critics claimed that it looks nothing close to the footballer.

The need to participate in different Bing quiz games:

If you are on the verge to accumulate any number of Microsoft Rewards Points, then you need to consider taking the daily Microsoft or Bing Premier League Quiz. Earn up to 40 rewards points by winning Lightspeed Quiz. You can also participate in other kinds of daily quizzes like Bing Homepage Quiz and Windows Spotlight Quiz. Wisely collect more reward points by participating in all these mentioned quiz games.


Bing Halloween Quiz- Test your Halloween knowledge

Halloween week that comes nearly two months before Christmas every other year is known for bringing family and friends together in the name of celebrating a Halloween party. Other than celebrating the Halloween parties in person, try participating in Bing Halloween Quiz that not only has interesting and easy to answer Halloween related questions on-board but with reward points that can be redeemed to purchase worthy gift cards. There is no age limit or fee collected from the users to participate in the Halloween Quiz conducted by Bing. Let your toddlers turn busy answering some fun trivia Halloween questions that can let them stay productive in this holiday season.

Ways to access the Bing Halloween Quiz:

Accessing Bing Halloween Quiz is quite similar to the ways that are followed to play other types of online Bing Quiz games. Open the homepage of Bing through any web browser, be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft’s Edge browser. Bing homepage holds onto the search box, in which you need to type “Halloween Quiz”, and then click upon the search button. You will be redirected to the quiz page. Always ensure, you are logged in to your respective Microsoft account to collect the reward points for answering the quiz questions rightly. 10 Microsoft Reward points are guaranteed for any user who has taken the time to participate and complete a quiz session in the first place.

Learning the quiz questions:

You might have no clue about the type of Halloween related questions that are about to be asked under a Bing Halloween Quiz session. To unveil the dilemma, you need to understand the type of Halloween questions that are about to be asked at first to win more numbers of Microsoft Rewards Points. Read through the following questions that are not only an example but also the source that is widely used by Bing to derive questions for a quiz session.

Name the root vegetable from which jack-o’-lanterns were originally made of?

  1. Turnips
  2. Parsnips
  3. Carrots

As history says, during the Halloween eve, the Irish have hollowed-out turnips and did place a light source on them to ward off the evil spirits. They were said to be a lot creepier when compared to the carved pumpkins that we tend to see today. Good thing is that this tradition didn’t stick to it; else we might end up drinking turnip-spice lattes for years.

Name the Celtic harvest festival in which the Halloween originated from?

  1. Hogmanay
  2. Beltane
  3. Samhain

Samhain comes from the age-old Irish denoting the end of the summer. This particular Celtic festival does traditionally mark the completion of the harvest season and ticks off the beginning of the winter season. It was also considered to be a day in which the barrier that existed between the spirit world and our world experienced a breach through.

How much in total did the Americans spend for Halloween candy in the year 2018?

  1. Over 2 Billion
  2. Over 1 Billion
  3. Over 4 Billion

The bite-sized candy bars became an instant hit in 2018 letting most of the Americans purchase them as orange and black wrapped ones. Some folks went back to the old tradition days and bought full-sized candies as well. In total, it has been recorded that Americans spent more than 2 billion dollars in terms of purchasing Halloween candies, which was quite more than the designated sales count for the year.

What was the funniest thing that you had to do in the early trick or treating days to get a treat?

  1. Sing
  2. Dance
  3. Both

Trick or treat has origins coming from the Irish and Scottish tradition of treating the visitors. Naturally, every neighborhood children dress up in a Halloween-related costume and wander over to get a treat in the form of fruits, coins, nuts by performing a trick as a return, which is mostly dancing, song or a reciting a joke.

Name the term that denotes the fear of Halloween in an individual?

  1. Hemophobia
  2. Samhainophobia
  3. Chirioptophobia

Samhainophobia is the term that represents the anxiety an individual has towards Halloween. Although celebrating Halloween has no kind of danger entitled in it, people experiencing Samhainophobia might find discomfort in handling the bunch of kids wandering around dressed up as ghosts and monsters in the streets.

The mask that came in many different Halloween films and was said to be worn by Michael Myers got derived based upon whose face?

  1. Sean Conery
  2. Clint Eastwood
  3. William Shatner

The iconic mask that made its way to many different Halloween films was originally named as the Star Trek mash of Captain Kirk that was played by William Shatner. The mask was said to be purchased from a local costume shop for a bargained prize rate of about 1.98$. The production crew did spray paint all over the mask and let the eye holes stay widened to elevate and expose the horror essence while wearing the mask in the first place.

The Halloween costume tradition has its roots with?

  1. Ghosts
  2. Cats
  3. Winter

Wearing costumes has roots way back to Celtic and European beliefs that regard of ghosts appearing during the Halloween season. The people were familiar with wearing masks and other kinds of gears that let them disguise with a hope that they might be mistaken for an equivalent ghost spirit and eventually the real one might leave them alone.

Name the historic person who is said to be an influence in terms of creating the Count Dracula?

  1. Vlad the Impaler
  2. Alladin
  3. Prince Charles

Bram Stoker bought in various mythologies, folklore, and some historical facts to shape up the character named ‘Dracula’. Vlad the Impaler was a fearsome monarch known for ruling the Transylvania region in Romania during the 15th century. He was used as inspiration while creating the title character. Vlad’s nickname was obviously ‘Dracula’ that translates into the son of the dragon as well.

Pick the one that might be of great help if you are confronted in front of a werewolf?

  1. Silver
  2. Honey
  3. Garlic

Most of the modern fictions have been describing the werewolves as not defensive towards the silver weapon, especially for silver bullets. If you have any kind of silver materials in your pockets, then you need to run faster than you normally do.

Other than these, you need to learn the date in which Halloween falls every other year which is October 31st and other kinds of general questions that represent the traditional Halloween eve.

Following is a list of general questions that you might have already heard before, yet, a glance through shall let you acquire more numbers of Microsoft Rewards Points.

  • How do witches in groups called as?

A coven

  • What do people traditionally bob for during the Halloween parties?


  • Where do real day vampire bats live?

South and North America

  • Pick the traditional name of a pumpkin that has been carved with an illuminated candle?

Jack O’ Lantern

  • From where did apple bobbing originate?

Ancient Rome.

Obtaining and sharing the quiz results:

After completing the Bing Halloween Quiz session the results can be obtained by clicking the ‘Get your score’ button that can be found on the bottom part of the screen. The results can be shared with your friends and family members through popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, and even challenge them to beat your best score.


Windows Spotlight Quiz- Weekly Bing Lockscreen Quiz

Windows Spotlight is an exclusive and fun-filled application that has been developed for Windows 10 Home Edition users. The main job of Windows Spotlight is to automatically fetch images and rotate them on the lock screen one by one. The images get displayed along with a fun trivia that are sourced from Microsoft’s Bing and changes to another image once every twenty-four hours. Windows Spotlight Quiz is one of the amazing features of Windows Spotlight and can be accessed only in a random manner.

Accessing the Microsoft Windows Spotlight Quiz:

The quiz doesn’t pop up every other time; the Windows user tends to log in to their PC. At times, random fun facts about the displayed natural scenarios shall be listed or useful Windows tricks and tips shall be presented on your screen. Occasionally the fun trivia quiz sessions shall make it your screens, and it would be worth your time to play them in the first place. The quizzes include multiple-choice types of questions that are derived based upon the picture posted on your lock screen by the Windows Spotlight application. After providing valid answers for the quiz questions, you will be automatically redirected towards the Bing web search page that holds onto every other fun fact about the presented location.

Attaining rewards for rightly answering the quiz questions:

The Windows Spotlight Quiz can be vitally used to test your smartness and improvise your knowledge at the same instance. The quiz comprises of three to five questions with three choices presented as answers for them. You need to select the right answers by carefully reading through the questions. Once the quiz session gets completed, the results shall be displayed along with the correct answers for all the involved quiz questions. If you have provided the right answer, then you will be rewarded with points that can be redeemed further to unlock the benefits. The attained Microsoft rewards can be quickly collected using a Microsoft account, and then redeem them to buy gift cards and other lucky prizes at your convenient time.

Benefits of signing into a Microsoft account:

If you do not have a Microsoft account, then it is highly recommended to create one to collect the points swiftly after completing the quiz session. Participating in the quiz session shall be a fun-filled experience and let you accumulate interesting information related to the images based on which the quiz questions are derived. You can even send an invite that challenges your friends and family members to play Windows Spotlight Quiz through social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Step by step guide in taking the quiz:

Taking part in the Microsoft Spotlight Quiz is a simple process. Follow the below-mentioned step by step guide as it is to participate in the quiz session.

  • From the displayed Lock Screen Apps, click upon the “Take the Quiz” link.
  • You need to log in to your computer if at all a security sign-in has been previously enabled.
  • ‘Microsoft Edge’ browser shall open up automatically and redirect you to the desired quiz page.
  • Start answering the questions one by one.
  • Collect reward points instantly by signing into your Microsoft account.

That’s it; you can now take up the quiz any part of the day by selecting the link that can redirect you towards the Microsoft Spotlight Quiz page through Edge browser, and start collecting the Microsoft rewards by answering the questions rightly.

Redeeming the Microsoft Rewards Points:

The best part about participating in the Microsoft Spotlight Quiz is the Microsoft Rewards Points that can be used to redeem for Gift cards or shop in the official Microsoft Shop.

  • Visit the ‘Microsoft Shops’ from a web browser and then log in to your Microsoft account that you have been using to play and collect reward points from Microsoft Spotlight Quiz.
  • Once you have logged in to your account, you will be displayed with the Passes, Xbox Gift Card and other things that you can redeem to buy based upon the number of Microsoft Reward Points you have collected on-board.
  • You can even redeem the points to obtain Gift cards that can be used in renowned food joints like Dunkin Donuts and Burger King.
  • Even if you are short of reward points that are needed to collect a Walmart Gift Card or other types of gift cards, you can get back to the Spotlight Quiz session and keep winning the quiz session until the destined reward points are collected in the first instance.

Countries in which Microsoft Reward Points are accessible:

People who are said to be residing in France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Republic of Ireland, Singapore, Netherlands, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Norway, Hong Kong, Belgium, Mexico, Japan and Taiwan can easily collect up the Microsoft Reward points and put them to right use by redeeming them for gift card in the Microsoft Shop.

Pro-tip in saving the Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Pictures:

Other than the quiz session, the displayed lock screen pictures shall catch up your attention in one way or another. Saving such attractive pictures to a folder location involves a simple process, and it is listed below.

  1. Press the ‘Windows Key’ from your keyboard along with the ‘R’ button to open up the ‘Run’ command
  2. From the displayed ‘Run command’, type “%userprofile%” and then hit the Enter button
  3. File Explorer shall open up, and you must enable ‘Show hidden files and folders’ by navigating through the ‘View’ tab and then clicking upon ‘Hidden items’ checkboxthat is located within the ‘Show/Hide’ group.
  4. The AppData folder shall now appear within the User folder.
  5. Open it up and then navigate towards the folders named ‘Local’ and then ‘Packages’.
  6. Double click upon “Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1n2txyewy”
  7. LocalState folder shall open up, where you need to further pass onto the ‘Assets’ folder.
  8. The images can now be found as blank files. Select all the files by pressing the Control button from the keyboard along with ‘A’ and then copy it by pressing the Control button and ‘C’.
  9. A new folder must be created within the ‘Documents’ folder or in your Desktop and then paste the copied files into them by collectively pressing the Windows key and ‘V’ button from the keyboard.
  10. Now, open up the folder that holds onto the blank files
  11. Click upon the File menu button and then navigate towards ‘Open Command Prompt’ from the drop-down list
  12. Further, select ‘Open Command Prompt as Administrator’ and then type “Ren *.*.*.jpg” into the command box.

This command is known for converting the blanks files into JPEG image format and let them stay visible forever as well.

All the images that are about to be displayed in the Windows Spotlight Lock Screen shall make it to the selected folder, and you can periodically follow the above-mentioned ways to save the Windows Spotlight images in your system.

Microsoft Rewards Review- How Much Is It Worth It?

The Microsoft Reward program is like a part-time earning. You can search on Bing every day and earn points and then redeem those points and receive rewards. You need no rocket science to learn neither any minimum qualification. Just a Windows computer or a smartphone will work. I will tell you everything about this Microsoft Reward program, about how does it work, how can you redeem rewards and stuff. So, let’s check out the Microsoft Rewards Review.

First Of All, What Is Microsoft Rewards?- Review

You must have heard of Bing Rewards a few years back, Microsoft Rewards is the new name. Back then, you could get paid only by searching on Bing. But nowadays, with the new rebrand program, there are other ways you can earn points besides searching the web with Bing. You can sign up to the reward program with your existing Microsoft account, or you can create one.

Earning points through this rewards program can help you get free stuff like gift cards, games, and even laptops and accessories and many more. If earning free gifts is not your fancy, you can join the charity donation program for good reasons.

Microsoft Rewards Program Review- Pros & Cons


Though many people in the UK, US, and Australia find the reward program worth it, it also has some pros and cons. Based on the various opinions from different users, I have come across these few points-




  • You can earn points in several ways
  • Can get you many awesome prizes without much effort
  • You can also turn those points into sweepstakes entries for biggest prizes
  • You don’t need to do any extra work, just get paid for what you do anyway, using your computer
  • The program is totally free to join and use
  • You can get several opportunities to earn bonus points




  • Members who are not that much active can get difficulties in reaching the 2nd level where the biggest prizes lie
  • You can only earn points and not cash
  • Currently available only in a few countries

Ways of Earning Money Through Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft rewards

The best thing about the Microsoft program is that there are many ways you can earn points. If you are not interested in one way, you can try out different. Here are some of the best ways that can bring you free stuff.

Daily Sets

The daily sets are the collection of three activities that change regularly to help you with extra points. Maybe they are not worth more than ten points but contain super quick and easy activities like taking a poll, taking a short quiz, or searching the Web using Bing. If you are not interested in doing anything else on the program, you should at least take the advantage of the Daily Sets. By completing quick tasks that will take you not more than five minutes, you can earn 30 points, thus 900 points/ month!

Web Browsing Through Bing

We all use Google to search the web, but remember, using Bing can earn us points and points means free money. So, if you use Bing search engine for searching the web, you can get 3 points per search.

Using the Microsoft Edge Web Browser

If you don’t like Internet Explorer, don’t worry. Microsoft Edge is totally different, it’s fast and quick and also comes with a very clean interface. If you download this browser in your smartphone and use it for searching the web and all, you can earn some points too. But don’t forget to sign in to your Microsoft account as the points will be added to your total every time you use the browser. Using the browser means actually using the browser. You can’t just leave it open overnight and expecting to earn points. As simple as it is, it won’t work.

Shop with Microsoft Store

If you shop from their official store, you can earn some points too. The program home page sometimes shows some special offers that will give you bonus points for purchasing specific items. So, it’s a good idea to check onto those offers every now and then to see what’s new.

Random Activities

The Microsoft Rewards’ homepage changes almost every day. Thus, in addition to daily sets, you can find more tasks that offer multiple ways to earn points. For example, playing quizzes can get you 30 more points and some of them rely on searching on the web for an answer. Use Bing to get even more points.

How Does Microsoft Rewards Review Program Works?

bing quiz

To be honest, the credits or points you earn aren’t worth much and their real price value varies with the prizes catalog and also depends on the level you are. Maybe you will need only 200 points for a sweepstakes entry, but you will need at least 5,000 points for a $5 gift card.

After picking what you want, just tap the Redeem button and the prize will be waiting for you in your inbox in within a day or so. Finally, the reward program is 100% legit, and I, personally think that you should give it a try!

Microsoft Bing Rewards for UK Residents

Microsoft Rewards program is now accessible from UK residents. The way it works in the UK is almost as same as it works in the US country. Some reports also informed that this reward program has been expanded to Australia as well, making the users earn points, get gift cards, free subscriptions, films, apps and games, Groove Music passes, Skype credit, and charitable donations. more easily.

Microsoft rewards for UK

At first, the Bing reward program was spread across US only, but Microsoft has decided to push this new reward program to other countries as well. Though slowly, it has now come to UK residents and Australia, maybe someday the program will be available in most of the countries as well. If the program is available in your country, you can go to and register for the same. Upon registering, you can earn points easily by performing some simple tasks.

You can earn points from your smartphone as well by using the Microsoft Edge browser. To make new customers signed up to this program, Bing is giving away 3 points for every search users do from Bing using the Edge browser. So, total it becomes 6 points when you are using both Bing and Edge at the same time. By this way, you can earn up to 60 points per day.

bing weekly quiz

If you want to earn more points every day, you can perform more tasks such, participating in  ‘Rewards Challenge’, and quizzes and through making purchases from various Microsoft /Windows / Xbox stores. If you purchase stuff from their stores, you can make 1 point per pound spent. Users who can earn 500 points in any month, will be getting into the second level where they can bring in up to 150 points per day.

The entire reward scheme program was designed to attract new users to use Bing and Edge. So when people gain points from doing tasks, they can use those points on different items. Just go to the points redemption page to see all the available items. However, here, in this case, you have to log in again. Here are some rewards that you can redeem according to your earned points-

  1. Xbox One S monthly giveaway sweepstake entry requires 200 points
  2. Surface Pro bundle sweepstake entry is for 200 points
  3. Xbox digital gift card (£3)- for 2,750 points
  4. Windows Store gift card (£5)- for  5,850 points
  5. Charitable donation (£3 to UK Youth, Ability Net, Special Olympics) – for 3,760 points
  6. Groove Music pass (1 month) – available for 9,500 points
  7. You get Xbox Live gold membership for – 6,000 points
  8. Skype Credit (£2) – for 1,000 points and Skype Unlimited World (1 month) – for 3,000 points

Many reports have also informed that the Microsoft rewards program is soon about to launch in France, Germany, and Canada as well.

Bing Visual Search Boost

Several years ago, like Google, Bing has also launched the search by image feature. If you want to search for a particular area of the image, you can use the crop option. This feature also attracts many users to use Bing and thus, they can earn more points each day by searching on the web.

Do you have any latest information about Microsoft Bing Rewards for UK Residents? Please let us know in the comment zone below.


Microsoft Rewards Badges- A New Gamification Feature

Microsoft has added a nice feature to the reward program to capture the attention of new users. You can earn these badges by searching on Bing or by shopping on Microsoft’s online store. The badges reward the users for earning points, logging on every day and for spending those points on donation and charity programs. Though Microsoft Rewards Badges are a good addition but it is not quite certain if the badges will be any good use of the users.

Bing weekly quiz

Another point is that Microsoft also seems to offer this gamification features to the users of some certain areas. So, it is not quite certain if each and every user will be able to access them or not. Hence, users from many areas are uncertain of the latest addition of Microsoft reward programs.

The Microsoft Reward program just started some years back that rewards the users for using the Bing search engine. This program planning has managed a good competition with the world-class Google search engine. Though Google is the most popular search engine all around the world, this new reward program has really caught the attention of many users.

Apart from searching on Bing, you can also perform many other interesting tasks to earn points. Later, you can use those points to get cool stuff from the Microsoft official store. Apart from earning points, you can redeem gift cards, sweepstakes, and charity donations.

The popularity of Bing rewards program attracted the company to add some more attractive features to the reward program. All these features help users to earn points regularly and hence, they can use them on Microsoft store. Moreover, the new streak system is a bonus program that contains three daily activities. After completing those levels, you can get bonus points.

If you have not tried the Microsoft Rewards program yet, please wait no more. And once you get a Microsoft Rewards Badge, please don’t forget to tell us about it in the comment section below.