How Did Microsoft’s Mediocre Rewards Program Allow Bing to Compete with Google Search?

Many people have not yet heard about Microsoft’s Mediocre Rewards Program which is not surprising. The program was created by Microsoft to spread the uses of Bing search engine worldwide, but hardly people know about it. Even I myself wasn’t aware of this program a few months back. After researching thoroughly on the topic, I happened to know that Bing pays your reward for using the search engine instead of Google search engine.

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If you open Bing from your browser, you will find it alluring. It comes with a beautiful background image and personalized news suggestions. Even if you are not a Bing user, you will like to use this search engine for your everyday need. Maybe, Bing is not as popular as Google, but it also is very powerful. Even though not all country can participate in this war game of Bing with Google, but it also true that using Bing will not disappoint you.

Who Does Not Like Free Reward?

 Microsoft’s Mediocre Rewards Program pay people free money for your everyday task- search! The condition is, you’ll have to do it with Bing search engine only. And here is the question, who does not like free money? Of course, all of us do, but the reasons why most people do not use the Bing search engine are follows-

  1. You are a reliable Google user and do not want to cheat Google by searching on Bing!
  2. You didn’t even know that Microsoft’s Mediocre Rewards Program does exist!
  3. Searching on Bing is not your thing or you simply choose not to use that search engine
  4. You forget to search on Bing!

But whatever the reason is, you still have your choice!

Making Microsoft Rewards Better to Engage Users

bing rewards

The reward program offers three levels of users that can earn you points. Those levels include inviting your friends to Microsoft events, discounts on Microsoft products, exclusive deals, and much other interesting stuff. All these streaks are designed to engage the users for a specific time period and when the levels are over, you will earn a bonus.

Microsoft also offers many games and quizzes that allow you to earn some rewards as well. You can increase your search amount in Bing to increase the number of points.

How to Increase Microsoft’s Mediocre Rewards Program Earning?

I have compiled some suggestions here that will help you to gain some extra rewards on your everyday search.

Bing weekly quiz


  • The VIP level for top Reward Point earners is for the users who are very engaged in searching on Bing. This level can help you earn up to 15 points per search.
  • Microsoft should create YouTube and social media campaign that prompts that Google earns profits when we search, but we earn money when we use Bing to search. The tagline is “Bing and Cha-Ching,” which is to engage users in the reward program.
  • They will also promote Microsoft Reward sweepstakes winners on social media to encourage new participates.

Apart from all these, there are Refer a Friend compensation and other tasks that are designed to make the Microsoft Rewards programme successful.

Don’t Waste Microsoft’s Mediocre Rewards Program

Microsoft’s mediocre program does not only help them to promote their search engine, Bing, but it also helps the users to make money from what they do all the time- surfing the internet. Don’t you think this program is a sure-fire way to attract more users? Please share your thoughts about Microsoft’s Mediocre Rewards Program in the comment box below!


How to Search Without Using Google

Google can be the major search engine worldwide that processes 40,000 searches per second, there are also many ways you can search the web without using Google. Most people do not know about  Google’s advanced search features where you can find search results by setting time, file type and website type. Still, there are certain resources that provide better results than Google. So, let’s learn How to Search Without Using Google.

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There are some sites where you can search for movies, others archive GIFs and the most important fact is that they take care of your privacy absolutely well. Here I am going to talk about some top sites that you can use instead of Google.

Find Streaming Movies Without Using Google

You can find movies anywhere, but difficult tasks are to find the right site. And then, there is this free website called just watch. This site stream through movies available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, YouTube, iTunes, Roku and Vudu and lets you watch them for free if the movie is available for free. You can filter your search by year, rating, price, genre, quality and age rating.

Another alternative site is  GoWatchIt. Along with 2.5 million movies and 50,000 regular users, the site also comes with a user-friendly interface and offers you contents available in your region.

How to Search Without Using Google- GIFs Search

Using GIFs is another way of expressing our emotions and sentiments that a single comment or photo can’t express. You can find GIFs from social media platforms like Facebook, and Twitter etc. but the most convenient place is  Giphy. You only just have to enter the Keyword and plenty of gifs will appear, then click on the gif you want to use and hit the “Copy link” button on the right pane. Choose your preferred format and share them anywhere you like.

You can also download the Giphy app on your smartphone and share gifs on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter and many more.

How to Search Without Using Google- Space Images

No matter how old we get, the night sky will always fascinate us. And the best way to explore the cosmos is by watching online videos. NASA has an image library of pictures across 60 collections combined into one searchable database. No matter if you are searching for the solar system, far-off galaxies or the moon landings, you can browse through NASA images and download them for free and share them with your friends.

Make Money from Not Using Google

Maybe you have already heard the name of Microsoft’s search engine, Bing. It’s a competitor of Google and is a free service, also very powerful. Just sign up to and Microsoft will pay you for web searches you search through Bing. Microsoft rewards you Amazon, Starbucks, Burger King, Xbox, Microsoft Store or other types of gift cards, as well as sweepstakes entries for using their search engine.

That’s it. If you know more ways for How to Search Without Using Google, please let us know in the comment box below.