How Did Microsoft’s Mediocre Rewards Program Allow Bing to Compete with Google Search?

Many people have not yet heard about Microsoft’s Mediocre Rewards Program which is not surprising. The program was created by Microsoft to spread the uses of Bing search engine worldwide, but hardly people know about it. Even I myself wasn’t aware of this program a few months back. After researching thoroughly on the topic, I happened to know that Bing pays your reward for using the search engine instead of Google search engine.

bing rewards

If you open Bing from your browser, you will find it alluring. It comes with a beautiful background image and personalized news suggestions. Even if you are not a Bing user, you will like to use this search engine for your everyday need. Maybe, Bing is not as popular as Google, but it also is very powerful. Even though not all country can participate in this war game of Bing with Google, but it also true that using Bing will not disappoint you.

Who Does Not Like Free Reward?

 Microsoft’s Mediocre Rewards Program pay people free money for your everyday task- search! The condition is, you’ll have to do it with Bing search engine only. And here is the question, who does not like free money? Of course, all of us do, but the reasons why most people do not use the Bing search engine are follows-

  1. You are a reliable Google user and do not want to cheat Google by searching on Bing!
  2. You didn’t even know that Microsoft’s Mediocre Rewards Program does exist!
  3. Searching on Bing is not your thing or you simply choose not to use that search engine
  4. You forget to search on Bing!

But whatever the reason is, you still have your choice!

Making Microsoft Rewards Better to Engage Users

bing rewards

The reward program offers three levels of users that can earn you points. Those levels include inviting your friends to Microsoft events, discounts on Microsoft products, exclusive deals, and much other interesting stuff. All these streaks are designed to engage the users for a specific time period and when the levels are over, you will earn a bonus.

Microsoft also offers many games and quizzes that allow you to earn some rewards as well. You can increase your search amount in Bing to increase the number of points.

How to Increase Microsoft’s Mediocre Rewards Program Earning?

I have compiled some suggestions here that will help you to gain some extra rewards on your everyday search.

Bing weekly quiz


  • The VIP level for top Reward Point earners is for the users who are very engaged in searching on Bing. This level can help you earn up to 15 points per search.
  • Microsoft should create YouTube and social media campaign that prompts that Google earns profits when we search, but we earn money when we use Bing to search. The tagline is “Bing and Cha-Ching,” which is to engage users in the reward program.
  • They will also promote Microsoft Reward sweepstakes winners on social media to encourage new participates.

Apart from all these, there are Refer a Friend compensation and other tasks that are designed to make the Microsoft Rewards programme successful.

Don’t Waste Microsoft’s Mediocre Rewards Program

Microsoft’s mediocre program does not only help them to promote their search engine, Bing, but it also helps the users to make money from what they do all the time- surfing the internet. Don’t you think this program is a sure-fire way to attract more users? Please share your thoughts about Microsoft’s Mediocre Rewards Program in the comment box below!


Microsoft Has Dropped Support for the Windows Bing Rewards App

Not so good news, for Windows Phone users, Microsoft is is going to discontinue the Bing Rewards app from Windows phone. The app helps the users to manage their account, earn credits and redeem them, helps them enter any sweepstakes and perform a different kind of tasks. But recently, when the users open the app on their Windows phone, they can see a headline saying, “TIME FOR CHANGE” and after the headline, a message appears,  “We’re ending support for this app in May, but you can keep earning!”.

bing rewards

If you are using the app, then you can still be able to use it and also you can redeem rewards and everything. But unlike before, this app is no longer going to take an update. The app has already stopped getting updates since 2016, and since not many regions are using this app (the only UK, US, and Australia), the number of users of this app is very less.

Since the Bing rewards app is not getting any updates, it means Microsoft is not going to support the app anymore, however, no final words had been spoken. But now Microsoft has decided to end their support, and so it has been spoken officially.

bing rewards

The users who are using the app can now use their web browsers on their Windows phone to earn points and redeem the rewards. This change will certainly be affecting users living in the US, UK, and Australia. Also, another Windows app has been unsupported by the developer. Yahoo has decided to drop their support for the mail app on the Windows phone.

Nevertheless, the change can’t affect you much if you use Bing from your web browser for earning points.

Microsoft Rewards- A Complete Guide

We all want free money. And this Bing rewards (now known as Microsoft Rewards), offers you that. The reward program consists of searching the web with the Bing search engine instead of Google. This program is absolutely free to join and you can earn Bing credits on any of your devices.

microsoft rewards

Using the Bing search engine is not the only way to gather points. You can use the Microsoft Edge browser on your device, complete surveys, complete quizzes, check out your email and earn points. Here we will talk about everything you need to know about the Bing reward program.

Signing Up for Microsoft Rewards Program

Just open your browser and enter From there you can join the reward program for free. You need a Microsoft account to sign up for this reward. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, it will be better if you create one. After joining, you will default to the first level or two levels in the reward program.

Level 1 Vs Level 2 Microsoft Rewards

Bing rewards

The second level members benefit more than the first level members. You will need to earn 500 points per month to reach the second level where you can get 10% off on Starbucks gift cards. 1st level members get 3 points per Bing search and 3 points for using Edge. But when users reach the 2nd level, they can double their points every time they search on Bing or perform other tasks.

Microsoft Rewards Dashboard

Microsoft Rewards dashboard is the main hub where you can find many offers on items, many tasks added newly, and you can also check out your points. Here you can do the transaction of those points into free prizes and gift cards.

How Can I Earn Microsoft Rewards Points?- Easy Ways

Microsoft rewards

There are many easy ways you can earn credits, and in this section, we will talk about them. You can earn a different number of points every day by performing a different kind of tasks. Let’s check out the numerous ways you can earn credits by using your computer and mobile.

Web Search

You can use Bing for searching the web. Usually, searching on Google doesn’t pay us any money, but if you do the same search on Bing, you can earn credits. You can use your PC or mobile whatever you like.

Browse on Edge

Microsoft Edge is a fast and seamless browser available for Android and PC. You can earn 6 points per Bing search you perform from Edge.

Daily Offers, Quizzes, and Shopping

Microsoft Rewards page shows your daily offer that can earn you some extra benefits. Apart from that, you can also complete various quizzes, and questions answer to earn credits. Shopping from Microsoft store can also give you a huge bonus.

What Do I Get In the Exchange of Those Points?

After earning credits you can redeem free stuff like Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Burger King, Xbox Live Rewards Membership Cards, Windows Microsoft Store credit, and much more. Sometimes, you can also get free device accessories with those points.

Unfortunately, this program is not available outside the US and UK. But slowly this reward is spreading across many countries. Let us know in the comment below if you have any query regarding Microsoft Rewards.



Microsoft Rewards Review- How Much Is It Worth It?

The Microsoft Reward program is like a part-time earning. You can search on Bing every day and earn points and then redeem those points and receive rewards. You need no rocket science to learn neither any minimum qualification. Just a Windows computer or a smartphone will work. I will tell you everything about this Microsoft Reward program, about how does it work, how can you redeem rewards and stuff. So, let’s check out the Microsoft Rewards Review.

First Of All, What Is Microsoft Rewards?- Review

You must have heard of Bing Rewards a few years back, Microsoft Rewards is the new name. Back then, you could get paid only by searching on Bing. But nowadays, with the new rebrand program, there are other ways you can earn points besides searching the web with Bing. You can sign up to the reward program with your existing Microsoft account, or you can create one.

Earning points through this rewards program can help you get free stuff like gift cards, games, and even laptops and accessories and many more. If earning free gifts is not your fancy, you can join the charity donation program for good reasons.

Microsoft Rewards Program Review- Pros & Cons


Though many people in the UK, US, and Australia find the reward program worth it, it also has some pros and cons. Based on the various opinions from different users, I have come across these few points-




  • You can earn points in several ways
  • Can get you many awesome prizes without much effort
  • You can also turn those points into sweepstakes entries for biggest prizes
  • You don’t need to do any extra work, just get paid for what you do anyway, using your computer
  • The program is totally free to join and use
  • You can get several opportunities to earn bonus points




  • Members who are not that much active can get difficulties in reaching the 2nd level where the biggest prizes lie
  • You can only earn points and not cash
  • Currently available only in a few countries

Ways of Earning Money Through Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft rewards

The best thing about the Microsoft program is that there are many ways you can earn points. If you are not interested in one way, you can try out different. Here are some of the best ways that can bring you free stuff.

Daily Sets

The daily sets are the collection of three activities that change regularly to help you with extra points. Maybe they are not worth more than ten points but contain super quick and easy activities like taking a poll, taking a short quiz, or searching the Web using Bing. If you are not interested in doing anything else on the program, you should at least take the advantage of the Daily Sets. By completing quick tasks that will take you not more than five minutes, you can earn 30 points, thus 900 points/ month!

Web Browsing Through Bing

We all use Google to search the web, but remember, using Bing can earn us points and points means free money. So, if you use Bing search engine for searching the web, you can get 3 points per search.

Using the Microsoft Edge Web Browser

If you don’t like Internet Explorer, don’t worry. Microsoft Edge is totally different, it’s fast and quick and also comes with a very clean interface. If you download this browser in your smartphone and use it for searching the web and all, you can earn some points too. But don’t forget to sign in to your Microsoft account as the points will be added to your total every time you use the browser. Using the browser means actually using the browser. You can’t just leave it open overnight and expecting to earn points. As simple as it is, it won’t work.

Shop with Microsoft Store

If you shop from their official store, you can earn some points too. The program home page sometimes shows some special offers that will give you bonus points for purchasing specific items. So, it’s a good idea to check onto those offers every now and then to see what’s new.

Random Activities

The Microsoft Rewards’ homepage changes almost every day. Thus, in addition to daily sets, you can find more tasks that offer multiple ways to earn points. For example, playing quizzes can get you 30 more points and some of them rely on searching on the web for an answer. Use Bing to get even more points.

How Does Microsoft Rewards Review Program Works?

bing quiz

To be honest, the credits or points you earn aren’t worth much and their real price value varies with the prizes catalog and also depends on the level you are. Maybe you will need only 200 points for a sweepstakes entry, but you will need at least 5,000 points for a $5 gift card.

After picking what you want, just tap the Redeem button and the prize will be waiting for you in your inbox in within a day or so. Finally, the reward program is 100% legit, and I, personally think that you should give it a try!

Microsoft Rewards Program For European Countries

We all use Google for surfing the internet, but what most of us didn’t know is that we can actually receive rewards by searching on Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Microsoft has created this rewards program to keep the users away from the Google search engine. This is called Bing Rewards which was rebranded to Microsoft Rewards back in August of 2016, is available now in more European countries.

 Microsoft rewards

Microsoft Rewards Program For European Countries for searching on Bing, shopping from Microsoft’s online store, performing daily quizzes, entering competitions and others. While you are doing all this stuff, you are actually making some beneficial points. And those points can get you many items from Microsoft Store, including music, films, games, apps, and devices.

Microsoft has expanded its reward program to 21 more European countries like Italy and the Netherlands in their respective native languages this month. If you wish, you can also convert our points into charity donations. The Xbox Live Gold Membership costs 6,000 points, £5 Xbox digital gift card costs 5,300 points, Windows Store gift card costs 5,850 points.

bing rewards for european

One of the easiest ways to earn points from Bing is to set your homepage to the BIng website and then you can do your searches from there. If you are an Android phone user, you can install Microsoft Launcher for the same reason.

The full list of countries and the supported languages are as below-

  1. Australia: English
  2. Hong Kong: Chinese Traditional and English
  3. Belgium: Dutch and French
  4. Canada: English
  5. Brazil: Portuguese
  6. France: French
  7. Germany: German
  8. Canada: French Canadian
  9. Japan: Japanese
  10. Mexico: Spanish
  11. Netherlands: Dutch
  12. Ireland: English
  13. Italy: Italian
  14. New Zealand: English
  15. Norway: Norwegian
  16. Singapore: English
  17. Spain: Spanish
  18. Sweden: Swedish
  19. Taiwan: Chinese Traditional
  20. United Kingdom: English
  21. United States: English  (all 50 states and in Washington D.C. Not available in Puerto Rico.)

To make use of the reward service, you have to log-in to the Bing service on your desktop or mobile browser. Finally, start using Bing for points!



Microsoft Rewards In Even More Countries

Google was the only preferred search engine for many users. But ever since Microsoft has come up with the Microsoft Rewards program which is formerly known as Bing Reward program, many users are encouraged to use the search engine now. This program has launched many years back but sadly it wasn’t available in many countries as it does now. Apart from being in the US, Microsoft Rewards In Even More Countries is now available.

Microsoft rewards

The reward program was known as Bing rewards back in August 2016, but nowadays, we all call it Microsoft Reward program. This program is designed to make the search engine popular and to set it to a position from where it can compete with Google. The reward program consists of searching on Bing search engine. Every time you use Bing, Microsft will pay you for that. And the process is also very simple.

Apart from searching on Bing, you can also play quizzes, question & answer game, complete different tasks to gain points. Microsoft gives you 3 points on every Bing search and 3 points when you are using the Microsoft Edge browser. By this way, you can easily earn more than 500 points per month. Also, if you make a purchase from the Microsoft official store, you can earn points on your every purchase.

Bing weekly quiz

After gathering all those points, you can spend them on free stuff. But to participate in this program, you have to register for the same. Visit and sign up with your Microsoft account. You can check your points from the Microsoft rewards page; just go to the dashboard. If you think you don’t need those points and all those free stuff, you can donate them to a charity. But you can only participate in this program if you belong to one of these countries-

  • Australia: English
  • Belgium: Dutch and French
  • Brazil: Portuguese
  • Canada: English
  • Canada: French Canadian
  • France: French
  • Germany: German
  • Hong Kong: Chinese Traditional and English
  • Ireland: English
  • Italy: Italian
  • Japan: Japanese
  • Mexico: Spanish
  • Netherlands: Dutch
  • New Zealand: English
  • Norway: Norwegian
  • Singapore: English
  • Spain: Spanish
  • Sweden: Swedish
  • Taiwan: Chinese Traditional
  • United Kingdom: English
  • United States: English

To avail the benefit of this program, simply log in to Bing (you can also download the Bing app) and start searching the web. If you are an Android or iOS user, you can download the Microsoft Edge browser and start searching from there too.

Microsoft Rewards Explained- Search with Bing and Get Starbucks and Xbox Gift Cards Easily!

Call it desperation or whatever, but you can ignore that it also gets you free Starbucks and Xbox Gift Cards! It is a part of Microsoft Rewards Program, formerly known as Bing Rewards. After launching in the US, it has also launched in the UK, Australia, and in a few other countries. The deal is, you will have to search on Bing using the Microsoft Edge browser to earn points. Lately, you can spend those points on several ways.

microsoft rewards

To join in the reward program, you have to register to it using your Microsoft account. If you already have an account but you don’t use it that frequently, you can make some use of it now. Just go to the Microsoft Reward page and register for the same. Here are some suggestions for you to get free Starbuck gift cards quickly-

  1. Each Bing search will get you three points and six in total if you use the Edge browser
  2. You will also earn one point for every £1 you spend in the Microsoft Store
  3. You can earn a maximum of 30 points per day and 60 while using Edge
  4. Visit your Rewards page to find out shortcuts to activities and quizzes that can get you up to 75 points for taking a tour or the program
  5. If you make purchase items from the official store, you can also earn massive points each purchase
  6. Currently, buying Jumanji from Microsoft store can get you 2,000 points.
  7. If you manage 500 points in a month, you will shoot up to the second level where you can earn an extra 150 points daily.

bing rewards

As interesting as it sounds like, performing the tasks is also fun. Most importantly, you can use those earned points on various things like a £5 Xbox Gift Card (6,300 points) or 31,500 points for a £25 gift card. Also, £5 Starbucks gift card (7,600 points, or 15,200 points for a £10 gift card), and you can also get  Debenhams of House of Fraser gift cards for the same number of points.

You can also exchange 100-200 points to enter sweepstakes and get free interesting stuff like an Xbox One X, two Xbox Elite Wireless Controllers, and a Fitbit Ionic smartwatch!

12 Easy Steps to Get Free Stuff Via Microsoft’s Rewards Program

Who doesn’t like cool stuff and that is also for free? Yes, I’m no one to kidding! Microsoft Rewards is all about earning points through performing simple tasks. These simple tasks include browsing with Microsoft Edge, searching the web using Microsoft’s Bing search engine etc. After completing a desired number of tasks, you can score gift cards for popular retail stores get discounts on various specific products, apparel, and other items and get a chance to enter into sweepstakes for more lucrative items. For all these, you have to follow 12 easy steps that will Get you Free Stuff Via Microsoft’s Rewards Program.

bing quiz

Free Stuff Via Microsoft’s Rewards Program for Free Movies, Apps, Games, and More!

You can get free stuff from this reward program, but for that, you have to follow some steps as I have given below-

Create a Microsoft Account

First thing’s first, you need a Microsoft account to participate in the reward program. If you already have not created one, it is the high time for you to create a Microsoft account. After creating the account, browse to the Microsoft reward site and click on the button provided at the bottom of the page to join for free. Microsoft rewards you for using Edge, so you can also install the browser on your device.

Get Started with the Reward Program

In the first stage, Microsoft welcomes the new participates with little quizzes and Q&A. If you do well in this stage, you are assured to get 100 points. However, this is not the last stage of this reward program.

Use Bing for Free Points

bing rewards

Microsoft also allows you to earn point by searching through Bing and using the web browser called Microsoft Edge!

Pick A Reward!

Microsoft then lets you know what kind of free stuff you can get by collecting and redeeming those free points. They ask you what kind of things you would like to spend your points on and then it requests you to set a goal.


Once you finish answering all those questions and quizzes, you can check out your reward’s dashboard.

Reward Page

The reward page will appear in front of your nose, showing the points you have earned by completing all those quizzes. You can also check out what other types of tasks and activities you can perform to earn more points.

Set a Goal for Microsoft’s Rewards Program

The setup menu contains the option of three possible goals which you can also change from the  “Your Goal” section. You can change the goal by clicking on the Remove goal option and set a new goal by clicking on the “Set Goal” option.

Pick a New Goal

You can also set a goal like playing an Xbox game and similar things.


Microsoft would then take you to the main rewards page to show you the additional points you have earned by setting up new goals. Then you can also investigate the page to find more tasks to perform for more points.

Turbocharge Quiz is also a Part of the Reward Program

Click Turbocharge Quiz to take a quiz where you can find answers from Bing search engine.


bing quiz

Earning more and more points will only bring you the opportunity to get cool stuff for free!

Did you know, you can get almost all items available in the Microsoft store by earning points? Sounds cool, isn’t it? So don’t waste any time and Get Free Stuff Via Microsoft’s Rewards Program now!


Microsoft Bing Rewards for UK Residents

Microsoft Rewards program is now accessible from UK residents. The way it works in the UK is almost as same as it works in the US country. Some reports also informed that this reward program has been expanded to Australia as well, making the users earn points, get gift cards, free subscriptions, films, apps and games, Groove Music passes, Skype credit, and charitable donations. more easily.

Microsoft rewards for UK

At first, the Bing reward program was spread across US only, but Microsoft has decided to push this new reward program to other countries as well. Though slowly, it has now come to UK residents and Australia, maybe someday the program will be available in most of the countries as well. If the program is available in your country, you can go to and register for the same. Upon registering, you can earn points easily by performing some simple tasks.

You can earn points from your smartphone as well by using the Microsoft Edge browser. To make new customers signed up to this program, Bing is giving away 3 points for every search users do from Bing using the Edge browser. So, total it becomes 6 points when you are using both Bing and Edge at the same time. By this way, you can earn up to 60 points per day.

bing weekly quiz

If you want to earn more points every day, you can perform more tasks such, participating in  ‘Rewards Challenge’, and quizzes and through making purchases from various Microsoft /Windows / Xbox stores. If you purchase stuff from their stores, you can make 1 point per pound spent. Users who can earn 500 points in any month, will be getting into the second level where they can bring in up to 150 points per day.

The entire reward scheme program was designed to attract new users to use Bing and Edge. So when people gain points from doing tasks, they can use those points on different items. Just go to the points redemption page to see all the available items. However, here, in this case, you have to log in again. Here are some rewards that you can redeem according to your earned points-

  1. Xbox One S monthly giveaway sweepstake entry requires 200 points
  2. Surface Pro bundle sweepstake entry is for 200 points
  3. Xbox digital gift card (£3)- for 2,750 points
  4. Windows Store gift card (£5)- for  5,850 points
  5. Charitable donation (£3 to UK Youth, Ability Net, Special Olympics) – for 3,760 points
  6. Groove Music pass (1 month) – available for 9,500 points
  7. You get Xbox Live gold membership for – 6,000 points
  8. Skype Credit (£2) – for 1,000 points and Skype Unlimited World (1 month) – for 3,000 points

Many reports have also informed that the Microsoft rewards program is soon about to launch in France, Germany, and Canada as well.

Bing Visual Search Boost

Several years ago, like Google, Bing has also launched the search by image feature. If you want to search for a particular area of the image, you can use the crop option. This feature also attracts many users to use Bing and thus, they can earn more points each day by searching on the web.

Do you have any latest information about Microsoft Bing Rewards for UK Residents? Please let us know in the comment zone below.


Microsoft Rewards Badges- A New Gamification Feature

Microsoft has added a nice feature to the reward program to capture the attention of new users. You can earn these badges by searching on Bing or by shopping on Microsoft’s online store. The badges reward the users for earning points, logging on every day and for spending those points on donation and charity programs. Though Microsoft Rewards Badges are a good addition but it is not quite certain if the badges will be any good use of the users.

Bing weekly quiz

Another point is that Microsoft also seems to offer this gamification features to the users of some certain areas. So, it is not quite certain if each and every user will be able to access them or not. Hence, users from many areas are uncertain of the latest addition of Microsoft reward programs.

The Microsoft Reward program just started some years back that rewards the users for using the Bing search engine. This program planning has managed a good competition with the world-class Google search engine. Though Google is the most popular search engine all around the world, this new reward program has really caught the attention of many users.

Apart from searching on Bing, you can also perform many other interesting tasks to earn points. Later, you can use those points to get cool stuff from the Microsoft official store. Apart from earning points, you can redeem gift cards, sweepstakes, and charity donations.

The popularity of Bing rewards program attracted the company to add some more attractive features to the reward program. All these features help users to earn points regularly and hence, they can use them on Microsoft store. Moreover, the new streak system is a bonus program that contains three daily activities. After completing those levels, you can get bonus points.

If you have not tried the Microsoft Rewards program yet, please wait no more. And once you get a Microsoft Rewards Badge, please don’t forget to tell us about it in the comment section below.