How to block emails on AOL? Complete Guide

AOL, a popular web portal and online service provider has been serving tons of free and premium services to all its users. From their free services, AOL email services do top the list of recognized and most-used e-mail messaging platform accessed by millions of people from all over the world. Having an AOL e-mail account shall not help in creating, sending and storing personal and business emails but also for blocking any type of spam emails that are sent by a particular individual, business or services. This type of blocking feature shall avoid filling up your AOL email account Inbox with multiple spam e-mail messages.


What happens when you block emails on AOL?

By blocking an e-mail address, any kind of e-mail message that has been sent to your AOL email address will not get delivered to your Inbox. The email message sender will either receive an error message or a warning for spamming your email account in the first place.


How easy is it to block emails on AOL?

No kind of third-party plugin access is required to block e-mails as AOL has the same feature available for free to access for all their AOL email account user right by logging into the respective e-mail account window itself. You get to block about 1000 e-mail addresses in one click, either by logging into your AOL account from a web browser or the AOL desktop version. With the newly added AOIL mail filtering option, you can block any individual on-the-go. Keep reading as we unleash the possible ways to manually and automatically block e-mail messages from a particular e-mail address or a group.


Blocking e-mail address on AOL through a web browser:

  1. Open any web browser from your internet-connected smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop
  2. In the address bar, type to load the ‘Log In’ page
  3. Rightly enter the username and password credential to access your AOL email account
  4. Once your AOL email account has loaded up, within the search box that can be found on the top part of the page, type ‘Mail controls’ and then press the ‘Enter’ button from your keyboard
  5. Now a new filtering option page shall load up, from which select the option that says ‘Block email from the addresses I specify”
  6. You need to manually enter the email address of the businesses or individual who has been spamming or mistreating you in the first place
  7. Make sure to separate one email address from another with a comma

Once you have entered all the email address that you need to block and stop receiving email messages from, click upon the ‘Save’ button.


Blocking emails through AOL Desktop software version:

If you have been using AOL Desktop version 10.1 to access your AOL email account, then follow the below-mentioned steps to instantly block an e-mail address without having to open a web browser to complete the same task.

  1. Open up the AOL Desktop version and complete the AOL account sign-in process
  2. After signing in, click upon the ‘Mail’ icon
  3. Now, you need to click on ‘Settings’ and then navigate to the ‘Spam Controls’ option
  4. Click on ‘Edit Spam Control’ to let the software application launch the AOL email controls
  5. Make sure the options that say ‘Block email from the addresses I specify’ is selected and then enter every other email addresses that you are looking forward to stop receiving messages from
  6. Once you are done filling up the box with the email addresses that you no longer look forward to receiving emails from, then click upon the ‘Save’ button

If you are prompted with a message saying ‘All your changes are saved’, then click upon the ‘OK’ button from the same window to close the filtering settings and to get to back to your AOL email inbox.


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