Here Is Why Microsoft Is Paying You to Use Bing!

For the new users, this may sound like its scam or whatever, but this is the reality. This is not a scam or something, but Microsoft does pay you for using Bing! Now you might be wondering why is Microsoft offering something amazing like that. The reason is simple, Microsoft wants Bing to compete with Google and trying to get more users.

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Search engines don’t only work in giving you your desired information, but it also works as a major backbone for many prominent companies. We search for information, and those data are collected for execution via text. These data increase the market of smartphones, cameras, and many other items, basically everything. This is the main reason why major companies integrate search engines wherever they can.

Microsoft Wants (Needs) Us to Use Bing-

To make Bing more popular, Microsoft has added Cortana in Windows 10 and Edge browser. But sadly, many people want to disable Cortana and most of them prefer Google Chrome rather than Edge. The reward program was only planned to make more profit in the search engine and the Edge areas. Thus by engaging us into its reward program, Microsoft can make the best of it.

How Does Microsoft Rewards Work?

How Does Microsoft Rewards Work

Microsoft pays you for using Bing and Edge, they simply reward you Amazon, Xbox, Microsoft Store or other types of gift cards for withdrawing points. You need a Microsoft account to participate in the program and just register to These are the steps-

  1. Search on Bing instead of Google to earn Reward points
  2. Now you can redeem those points for Amazon gift cards
  3. If you don’t have an Amazon account, create one to add the gift card to your account
  4. You can now buy stuff!

Track Points for $5 Amazon Gift Card

How many points can get you an Amazon gift card? The answer is 5,250 Reward Points. Now you may be thinking, “wow, that’s huge!”- but trust, me it is not. You can earn that number of points easily, especially when you are earning 3 points per search and 3 points on every search performing from the Edge web browser. Earning the required points for availing a gift card won’t take much time.

Moreover, when you manage to earn 500 points per month, you get to the second level where you can get an additional 150 points per month!

If you are using Bing from your computer, you can check out your reward points in the upper left corner of the Bing homepage next to a small icon of a medal. If you are using a smartphone and the Edge browser, select the hamburger menu and from the drop-down box, you can see your points.

How to Redeem Microsoft Rewards Points?

From the Edge browser on your mobile, select the Rewards option and you will land to the dashboard. Search for the Redeem option from the top of the page. If using PC, first select Rewards, and from the pull-down menu, select See all rewards to the right of the Redeem option.

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Being in the redeem page, scroll down Amazon gift card section and select Redeem and confirm your redemption. Microsoft will send you an email with an order confirmation number and claim code. Now go to your Amazon account and enter the code. You will immediately get $5 to your Amazon account.



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