Microsoft Has Dropped Support for the Windows Bing Rewards App

Not so good news, for Windows Phone users, Microsoft is is going to discontinue the Bing Rewards app from Windows phone. The app helps the users to manage their account, earn credits and redeem them, helps them enter any sweepstakes and perform a different kind of tasks. But recently, when the users open the app on their Windows phone, they can see a headline saying, “TIME FOR CHANGE” and after the headline, a message appears,  “We’re ending support for this app in May, but you can keep earning!”.

bing rewards

If you are using the app, then you can still be able to use it and also you can redeem rewards and everything. But unlike before, this app is no longer going to take an update. The app has already stopped getting updates since 2016, and since not many regions are using this app (the only UK, US, and Australia), the number of users of this app is very less.

Since the Bing rewards app is not getting any updates, it means Microsoft is not going to support the app anymore, however, no final words had been spoken. But now Microsoft has decided to end their support, and so it has been spoken officially.

bing rewards

The users who are using the app can now use their web browsers on their Windows phone to earn points and redeem the rewards. This change will certainly be affecting users living in the US, UK, and Australia. Also, another Windows app has been unsupported by the developer. Yahoo has decided to drop their support for the mail app on the Windows phone.

Nevertheless, the change can’t affect you much if you use Bing from your web browser for earning points.

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