Microsoft Rewards In Even More Countries

Google was the only preferred search engine for many users. But ever since Microsoft has come up with the Microsoft Rewards program which is formerly known as Bing Reward program, many users are encouraged to use the search engine now. This program has launched many years back but sadly it wasn’t available in many countries as it does now. Apart from being in the US, Microsoft Rewards In Even More Countries is now available.

Microsoft rewards

The reward program was known as Bing rewards back in August 2016, but nowadays, we all call it Microsoft Reward program. This program is designed to make the search engine popular and to set it to a position from where it can compete with Google. The reward program consists of searching on Bing search engine. Every time you use Bing, Microsft will pay you for that. And the process is also very simple.

Apart from searching on Bing, you can also play quizzes, question & answer game, complete different tasks to gain points. Microsoft gives you 3 points on every Bing search and 3 points when you are using the Microsoft Edge browser. By this way, you can easily earn more than 500 points per month. Also, if you make a purchase from the Microsoft official store, you can earn points on your every purchase.

Bing weekly quiz

After gathering all those points, you can spend them on free stuff. But to participate in this program, you have to register for the same. Visit and sign up with your Microsoft account. You can check your points from the Microsoft rewards page; just go to the dashboard. If you think you don’t need those points and all those free stuff, you can donate them to a charity. But you can only participate in this program if you belong to one of these countries-

  • Australia: English
  • Belgium: Dutch and French
  • Brazil: Portuguese
  • Canada: English
  • Canada: French Canadian
  • France: French
  • Germany: German
  • Hong Kong: Chinese Traditional and English
  • Ireland: English
  • Italy: Italian
  • Japan: Japanese
  • Mexico: Spanish
  • Netherlands: Dutch
  • New Zealand: English
  • Norway: Norwegian
  • Singapore: English
  • Spain: Spanish
  • Sweden: Swedish
  • Taiwan: Chinese Traditional
  • United Kingdom: English
  • United States: English

To avail the benefit of this program, simply log in to Bing (you can also download the Bing app) and start searching the web. If you are an Android or iOS user, you can download the Microsoft Edge browser and start searching from there too.

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