Microsoft Rewards Program For European Countries

We all use Google for surfing the internet, but what most of us didn’t know is that we can actually receive rewards by searching on Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Microsoft has created this rewards program to keep the users away from the Google search engine. This is called Bing Rewards which was rebranded to Microsoft Rewards back in August of 2016, is available now in more European countries.

 Microsoft rewards

Microsoft Rewards Program For European Countries for searching on Bing, shopping from Microsoft’s online store, performing daily quizzes, entering competitions and others. While you are doing all this stuff, you are actually making some beneficial points. And those points can get you many items from Microsoft Store, including music, films, games, apps, and devices.

Microsoft has expanded its reward program to 21 more European countries like Italy and the Netherlands in their respective native languages this month. If you wish, you can also convert our points into charity donations. The Xbox Live Gold Membership costs 6,000 points, £5 Xbox digital gift card costs 5,300 points, Windows Store gift card costs 5,850 points.

bing rewards for european

One of the easiest ways to earn points from Bing is to set your homepage to the BIng website and then you can do your searches from there. If you are an Android phone user, you can install Microsoft Launcher for the same reason.

The full list of countries and the supported languages are as below-

  1. Australia: English
  2. Hong Kong: Chinese Traditional and English
  3. Belgium: Dutch and French
  4. Canada: English
  5. Brazil: Portuguese
  6. France: French
  7. Germany: German
  8. Canada: French Canadian
  9. Japan: Japanese
  10. Mexico: Spanish
  11. Netherlands: Dutch
  12. Ireland: English
  13. Italy: Italian
  14. New Zealand: English
  15. Norway: Norwegian
  16. Singapore: English
  17. Spain: Spanish
  18. Sweden: Swedish
  19. Taiwan: Chinese Traditional
  20. United Kingdom: English
  21. United States: English  (all 50 states and in Washington D.C. Not available in Puerto Rico.)

To make use of the reward service, you have to log-in to the Bing service on your desktop or mobile browser. Finally, start using Bing for points!



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