Microsoft Rewards Explained- Search with Bing and Get Starbucks and Xbox Gift Cards Easily!

Call it desperation or whatever, but you can ignore that it also gets you free Starbucks and Xbox Gift Cards! It is a part of Microsoft Rewards Program, formerly known as Bing Rewards. After launching in the US, it has also launched in the UK, Australia, and in a few other countries. The deal is, you will have to search on Bing using the Microsoft Edge browser to earn points. Lately, you can spend those points on several ways.

microsoft rewards

To join in the reward program, you have to register to it using your Microsoft account. If you already have an account but you don’t use it that frequently, you can make some use of it now. Just go to the Microsoft Reward page and register for the same. Here are some suggestions for you to get free Starbuck gift cards quickly-

  1. Each Bing search will get you three points and six in total if you use the Edge browser
  2. You will also earn one point for every £1 you spend in the Microsoft Store
  3. You can earn a maximum of 30 points per day and 60 while using Edge
  4. Visit your Rewards page to find out shortcuts to activities and quizzes that can get you up to 75 points for taking a tour or the program
  5. If you make purchase items from the official store, you can also earn massive points each purchase
  6. Currently, buying Jumanji from Microsoft store can get you 2,000 points.
  7. If you manage 500 points in a month, you will shoot up to the second level where you can earn an extra 150 points daily.

bing rewards

As interesting as it sounds like, performing the tasks is also fun. Most importantly, you can use those earned points on various things like a £5 Xbox Gift Card (6,300 points) or 31,500 points for a £25 gift card. Also, £5 Starbucks gift card (7,600 points, or 15,200 points for a £10 gift card), and you can also get  Debenhams of House of Fraser gift cards for the same number of points.

You can also exchange 100-200 points to enter sweepstakes and get free interesting stuff like an Xbox One X, two Xbox Elite Wireless Controllers, and a Fitbit Ionic smartwatch!

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