Windows Spotlight Quiz- Weekly Bing Lockscreen Quiz

Windows Spotlight is an exclusive and fun-filled application that has been developed for Windows 10 Home Edition users. The main job of Windows Spotlight is to automatically fetch images and rotate them on the lock screen one by one. The images get displayed along with a fun trivia that are sourced from Microsoft’s Bing and changes to another image once every twenty-four hours. Windows Spotlight Quiz is one of the amazing features of Windows Spotlight and can be accessed only in a random manner.

Accessing the Microsoft Windows Spotlight Quiz:

The quiz doesn’t pop up every other time; the Windows user tends to log in to their PC. At times, random fun facts about the displayed natural scenarios shall be listed or useful Windows tricks and tips shall be presented on your screen. Occasionally the fun trivia quiz sessions shall make it your screens, and it would be worth your time to play them in the first place. The quizzes include multiple-choice types of questions that are derived based upon the picture posted on your lock screen by the Windows Spotlight application. After providing valid answers for the quiz questions, you will be automatically redirected towards the Bing web search page that holds onto every other fun fact about the presented location.

Attaining rewards for rightly answering the quiz questions:

The Windows Spotlight Quiz can be vitally used to test your smartness and improvise your knowledge at the same instance. The quiz comprises of three to five questions with three choices presented as answers for them. You need to select the right answers by carefully reading through the questions. Once the quiz session gets completed, the results shall be displayed along with the correct answers for all the involved quiz questions. If you have provided the right answer, then you will be rewarded with points that can be redeemed further to unlock the benefits. The attained Microsoft rewards can be quickly collected using a Microsoft account, and then redeem them to buy gift cards and other lucky prizes at your convenient time.

Benefits of signing into a Microsoft account:

If you do not have a Microsoft account, then it is highly recommended to create one to collect the points swiftly after completing the quiz session. Participating in the quiz session shall be a fun-filled experience and let you accumulate interesting information related to the images based on which the quiz questions are derived. You can even send an invite that challenges your friends and family members to play Windows Spotlight Quiz through social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Step by step guide in taking the quiz:

Taking part in the Microsoft Spotlight Quiz is a simple process. Follow the below-mentioned step by step guide as it is to participate in the quiz session.

  • From the displayed Lock Screen Apps, click upon the “Take the Quiz” link.
  • You need to log in to your computer if at all a security sign-in has been previously enabled.
  • ‘Microsoft Edge’ browser shall open up automatically and redirect you to the desired quiz page.
  • Start answering the questions one by one.
  • Collect reward points instantly by signing into your Microsoft account.

That’s it; you can now take up the quiz any part of the day by selecting the link that can redirect you towards the Microsoft Spotlight Quiz page through Edge browser, and start collecting the Microsoft rewards by answering the questions rightly.

Redeeming the Microsoft Rewards Points:

The best part about participating in the Microsoft Spotlight Quiz is the Microsoft Rewards Points that can be used to redeem for Gift cards or shop in the official Microsoft Shop.

  • Visit the ‘Microsoft Shops’ from a web browser and then log in to your Microsoft account that you have been using to play and collect reward points from Microsoft Spotlight Quiz.
  • Once you have logged in to your account, you will be displayed with the Passes, Xbox Gift Card and other things that you can redeem to buy based upon the number of Microsoft Reward Points you have collected on-board.
  • You can even redeem the points to obtain Gift cards that can be used in renowned food joints like Dunkin Donuts and Burger King.
  • Even if you are short of reward points that are needed to collect a Walmart Gift Card or other types of gift cards, you can get back to the Spotlight Quiz session and keep winning the quiz session until the destined reward points are collected in the first instance.

Countries in which Microsoft Reward Points are accessible:

People who are said to be residing in France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Republic of Ireland, Singapore, Netherlands, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Norway, Hong Kong, Belgium, Mexico, Japan and Taiwan can easily collect up the Microsoft Reward points and put them to right use by redeeming them for gift card in the Microsoft Shop.

Pro-tip in saving the Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Pictures:

Other than the quiz session, the displayed lock screen pictures shall catch up your attention in one way or another. Saving such attractive pictures to a folder location involves a simple process, and it is listed below.

  1. Press the ‘Windows Key’ from your keyboard along with the ‘R’ button to open up the ‘Run’ command
  2. From the displayed ‘Run command’, type “%userprofile%” and then hit the Enter button
  3. File Explorer shall open up, and you must enable ‘Show hidden files and folders’ by navigating through the ‘View’ tab and then clicking upon ‘Hidden items’ checkboxthat is located within the ‘Show/Hide’ group.
  4. The AppData folder shall now appear within the User folder.
  5. Open it up and then navigate towards the folders named ‘Local’ and then ‘Packages’.
  6. Double click upon “Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1n2txyewy”
  7. LocalState folder shall open up, where you need to further pass onto the ‘Assets’ folder.
  8. The images can now be found as blank files. Select all the files by pressing the Control button from the keyboard along with ‘A’ and then copy it by pressing the Control button and ‘C’.
  9. A new folder must be created within the ‘Documents’ folder or in your Desktop and then paste the copied files into them by collectively pressing the Windows key and ‘V’ button from the keyboard.
  10. Now, open up the folder that holds onto the blank files
  11. Click upon the File menu button and then navigate towards ‘Open Command Prompt’ from the drop-down list
  12. Further, select ‘Open Command Prompt as Administrator’ and then type “Ren *.*.*.jpg” into the command box.

This command is known for converting the blanks files into JPEG image format and let them stay visible forever as well.

All the images that are about to be displayed in the Windows Spotlight Lock Screen shall make it to the selected folder, and you can periodically follow the above-mentioned ways to save the Windows Spotlight images in your system.

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